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RWE and National Grid have partnered to jointly develop offshore wind projects in the Northeast U.S. With this partnership, National Grid and RWE have jointly acquired an offshore seabed lease with the goal of developing, constructing and operating U.S. offshore wind projects.

National Grid brings local expertise in the Northeast along with its experience developing large-scale infrastructure projects, including industry-leading subsea cable capabilities from its portfolio of interconnectors that facilitate the transfer of renewable energy between the UK and Europe.

RWE brings its wealth of experience in global offshore wind project development across the entire value chain, from project conception to construction and operation. The unparalleled experience the company has earned over the last 20 years has resulted in 20 successful projects, ranking RWE in the top tier of the global offshore wind market.

This partnership supports both companies’ efforts to advance a clean energy future and achieve net zero in the coming decades.

Offshore wind will be critical for the U.S., particularly in the Northeast, to reduce emissions, meet climate goals and create local jobs. Community Offshore Wind understands the importance of meeting these goals and is committed to providing clean and reliable energy, as well as delivering an equitable energy future for all its customers.

Our Leadership

Douglas Perkins

President & Project Director

Patrick Johnson

Vice President & Deputy Project Director

Sonja Altesellmeier

Chief Financial Officer

Hendrik Berends

Head of Technical Generation

Brian O’Boyle

Head of Transmission

Alanna Russo

Head of Strategic Engagement

Daniel Sieger

Head of Development

Louis “Cuffie” Winkler

Head of Commercial

Our Team

Kyoo Sung Byun

Manager, Strategic Supply Chain and Logistics

Mariah Dignan

Labor Manager

Retha Fernandez

Strategic Engagement Manager

Molly Gilson

Communications Lead

David Howard

Head of Procurement

Sheri Lauten

State and Federal Government Relations Lead

Kate McKeever

Regulatory Affairs Lead

Katherine Miller

Federal Permitting Manager

Rick Robins

Marine Affairs Manager

Natalie Terhaar

Community Engagement Manager

Lyle Sclair

Economic Development Manager

Two Companies, One Mission

Making an impact throughout the world


RWE is one of the world’s leading renewable energy companies. With our “Growing Green” investment and growth strategy, we are expanding our green generation international capacity to 65 gigawatts by 2030. To this end, RWE is investing €55 billion between 2024 and 2030. Headquartered in Essen, Germany, RWE subsidiaries and projects can now be found in over 25 different countries. Recent projects include Triton Knoll, an 857MW offshore wind farm producing clean energy off the east coast of England, a floating offshore wind farm in partnership with the University of Maine, and the Sofia Offshore Wind Farm (1.4 GW), sited on the shallow central area of the North Sea known as Dogger Bank, is the largest offshore wind project in RWE’s current portfolio. Additionally, in 2021, RWE was awarded the contract to build Denmark’s largest Offshore Wind Farm with plans to be built by 2030.

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National Grid

At National Grid, delivering safe, reliable, and affordable energy for our customers around the clock no matter what the weather, is at the heart of what we do at we do. That’s why National Grid Ventures, the competitive division of National Grid works to develop, operate, and invest in energy projects, technologies, and partnerships to ensure all of our customers are a part of the clean energy transition.

A few of National Grid’s latest developments include our interconnectors, high voltage cables that are used to connect the electricity systems of neighboring countries. Additionally, the development of two battery energy storage systems found on Long Island, New York, as well as a recently announced Hydrogen Pilot program that will generate enough green hydrogen to power up to 800 homes and 10 municipal vehicles in Long Island, New York.

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